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Literarians is officially the 47th member of the World Intelligence Network.


Animis Opibusque Parati
The Literarian Society is a warm congregation of genuinely gifted, literary individuals. My name is Beau Clemmons and I founded the LS on 8.1.10. I wanted to create an IQ society, much like PGS, that nurtured the poetic, artistic and belletristic spirits of my members. Since 08.10, I have tried to engender a strong, symbiotic literary community with my fellowship. In 2011, we had evanescent success with our journal "Uncommon Sense" because of time constraints and leadership issues. Shortly thereafter, a few members passed away and subsequent contributions began to wane. After about two years in limbo, Literarians is back again (10.20.14)!
If you are not a member and your IQ ≥ 130 sd15, you may submit a written sample for review [ - Subject header: Literarians Writing Sample]. If your poetry, prose, literary criticism, etc. is superlative, you will qualify for membership! Enrollment in Literarians is always free, and the submission and review of your writing is currently free. Moreover, if you or your friends or families have what it takes to become “Literarians,” then, don't tarry, join today!    

Just a Few of Our Brilliant Members

Our motto: Animis Opibusque Parati equates to "prepared in mind and resources. 

Meet the President, Vice President, and Co-Chairs of The Literarians:

Beau Clemmons...

President and Founder




Vice President



Book Stack

Book Stack

What Lits Do


We know our groceries: We read. We write. We raise our voices, children, and villages. We dance; we knit; we sing; we sleep. We get tired, excited, depressed, happy, apathetic, sad -- and oftentimes, we talk about it, using our keyboards, pens, and pencils as the unforgotten soundboard. We do what we do well, and we're not much different from most people who have a passion for books and expressing themselves through the written word.


We jump over the moon and gambol on the sun's surface.

We write for weeks without end without erasing all of our deliberate errors. We read everything ever created with endless curiosity, even opera destroyed by Time Lord Philistines. Or Laodiceans. Some of us Lits don't do; we stay in orbit, you know. Like those cool cats before us who taught us what "real" writing ain't who protested for peace, high off life itself.


We march on the ocean's floors and we crochet with stardust; we walk through walls and we go months without breathing. We are pregnant with vision and love and intelligence and creativity and everything and nothing at all. We are one but understandably not one. We are the Literarians. We do what we can and sometimes what we cannot, inside and outside of our imaginations. We are all distinct, all strong, all literary.

What Lits Believe


We believe in whatever we want: We believe in the 3 "Rs," kid. We try to come together harmoniously and discuss literary and other subjects while keeping the car from slating to crashville. Not all of us are trying to canter through fiery laurels, you know? Yet, many of us are, by standing up for our beliefs, as divers as they may be, making a difference in this world -- outside of boorishly talking about it. Some of us are convivial, liberal, sporting. Still, others here believe in being quiet, conservative, staid.


And quite a few of us justifiably believe in motley spiritualities. Many of us don't. And we find it all fascinating or toilsome or however, this place we call Earth, whether or not we enjoy its lilting vicissitudes. Writing and literature help us cope and bring us happiness and edification or anything else imaginable. We believe infinitely. And many of us believe in focusing our radios to the nightsky or the waves of the waters or the symphonies of the yarn in the trees or the gossamer chaos of the breeze.

Or restive, in the words of Kerouac, at times we find ourselves "staring out the dead wall window of our civilization." A few Literati here wonder, "What is there to believe?" Some choose to divinely walk upward in humble, Messianic degrees.


Most Lits believe that literature accouters us to traverse the impertinent little dirt roads that skip off into the distant hillsides. And, most importantly, Lits believe in being themselves. Authentically, believing in that and that alone. And more. Paradoxically. It's kinda like bright disease, sometimes...Every book is a country. Every poem is a mountain. Every song and psalm is a cloud. And all the words are the stage.

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