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Questions Asked With Frequency


Before you send us a message about a specific issue of concern, we ask that you please take ample time to persure the section below, as your inquiry may be addressed. If you do not see an answer to your question, feel perfectly free to submit an email and we will promptly tend to your concerns.




I took an internet test and it said I've got an IQ of like 139. Can I join?


Maybe. But we do not accept every IQ test because all online intelligence batteries are not valid. I will soon be providing a list of online tests that we accept for Literarian membership. Stay plugged in for more information, indeed! Make sure to check the page "Qualifying" for updates.


Where are your forums?


From what I've witnessed over the last few years, "everyone" is using social media these days. Let's face it: separate forums are becoming so passe. For now, you can find us congregating regularly on Facebook. I will most likely make no provisions for a Literarian forum outside of social media for some time to come, unless virtual networking platforms evolve in a novel direction.


I am in X or/and Y HIQ society/societies already, so am I automatically qualified to be a Literarian?


I wish it were that simple. While we do have a Mensa-like minimum for entrance into our alliance, you must prove that you are a strong writer -- meaning claws sharp -- by providing samples that my team and I will assess. You will be graded on 5 areas: style, substance, and clarity -- also creativity and freshness. A score of 24/30 (80%) must be achieved in order to become a member. You are allowed 3 attempts with either 3 different submissions and/or drafts. There are special occasions where I come across writers who are accomplished authors already. They have consistently and publicly flown beyond the confines of the LSEE rubric...These individuals automatically qualify for Honorary Membership.

For everyone else, however, providing drafts is a must. 


  • This is how your work with be evaluated. Out of a possible 30pts. (6pts. for each section):

  1. Style: 0-6

  2. Substance: 0-6

  3. Clarity: 0-6

  4. Creativity: 0-6

  5. Freshness: 0-6


Where did the name Literarian come from?


It came from serendipitous afflatus one evening, upon a twilight drear, while interviewing my brains back in midsummer nights of '10. That sounds really pompous; let me trim the flowers from the lawn. I thought of the name during a brainstorming session and settled on it because it sounded totally red-letter. I'm into many Bohemian writers' movements such as the Beats and the Harlem Renaissance, and with that, I figured that a snazzy name like Literarians would catch on. Sadly, it's not original...Turns out a Mercantile Library in NYC thought of it first aeons ago. Ecclesiastes is right: nothing is new under that yellow orb millions of miles away from us up above, y'kno? Still, nothing like good company. 



Are you giving out membership certificates to people?
Yes, I am. While you are considered a Literarian with all of the rights and privileges to participate in all of our activities (these are rare by the way), after meeting the prerequisites for admission, the cost associated with each certificate is $5.00 USD. This payment can be made conveniently through Paypal below, after you have made a request for one. You may either do this by contacting my email address (, or you may wish to reach me on Facebook.

N.B. From 10/2020 until further notice, there will be an $8.00 non-refundable charge for the review of each potential member submission; however, once approved for lifetime membership, your certificate will be sent to you for free via email within 24-48 hours.



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