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Not everyone has taken an IQ test, yet, there are many brilliant writers in the world. If you cannot provide an IQ score or have never taken a test, this is fine -- with one caveat. Your literary sample, and you have three attempts, must score 28/30 or above using the LSEE4 raw scoring system to qualify as an honorary lifetime member. If you wish, you may take an IQ test and submit the report to me later in order to become fully certified and have the (HM) removed from our member list.


Nevertheless, I encourage all to begin with taking an IQ test; there are many available on our site under the section "Qualifying"...Please, take the time to find one that suits you; some of the tests are free and available online, and they may take you less than an hour to complete; others may take much longer; nevertheless, please, take a chance. What do you have to lose?


Certificates are $5.00 for honorary members, just as they are for everyone else, yet honorary member certificates will specify that you did not meet the quotient requisite for Literarian membership (if pertinent); this does not mean that your IQ is below 130 sd 15 at all, and it should not dishearten you whatsoever. I say this because some writers are not interested in IQ tests. Further, for those of you who are, if your writing is superlative enough to score 28/30 or above on the LSEE4 scoring system, then chances are high, I suggest, that your IQ is above 130 sd15. So, take a chance!





















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