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Thought(out) Dancing
by Honorary Member: Helle van Aardeberg

Must thought that takes action’s desired hand
first imagine the entire dance?

If not, would it simply turn into a whim
to whirl upon a premonition
at the hands of capriciousness?

Would action if it could lead instead
be liberated, leap from the grinding
wheel of causality in a grand jeté?

Might an act alone lead the way
without the hypothetical;
a coryphée, to trip the light fantastic?

Would time and space withdraw;
matter and energy then ebb
leaving only behind naked,
a connotation of significance, danced?


















by Therese Waneck


Goodnight you whisper softly, slowly

Drunk as the sailor swimming angry oceans

As the ghost ship suffering harsh seas

You slip away

                     mysteriously pale...

To nightmare moons

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