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The History of the LSEE, LSEE2 & LSEE3


Back in August 2010, I envisioned a literary coterie that could come together, meeting the 98th percentile criterion, to discuss books, to write and share poetry, and to discuss varied topics and maintain a fine journal. In order to accomplish this, many members applied and qualified by taking the extremely difficult Schmies Vocabulary Exam (scoring 125(+)/200; sadly, the test is no longer online. Many people were already prequalified by their affilitation with established IQ societies that belonged to the top 2 percentile of the unselected world population or above. I found that the Schmies test was challenging, yes, but that it was also not providing me with assurance of individual member integrity, unfortunately. Not only was the test nonproctored, it was also up to each aspirant to send a score report biding by his or her honor code.


I became interested in psychometrics around this time, the summer of '10, and after doing an average job, whew and blah, in Behavioral Statistics, I decided that I would not venture professionally into the realm of psychometry directly, but that I would create a series of verbal tests of qualification for contributors to our alliance. These three tests were named, "LSEEs," or Literarian Society Entrance Exams. I remember receiving a few attempts on the exams and the excitement of scoring them, though disappointingly, the tests did not seem appealing to many. In remodeling Literarians today in 2014 as we approach 2015, I have elected to jettison that method of ingress all together -- in favor of writing samples and individual scoring systems.


Below, you will find a copy of the original LSEE exam. If you'd like, you are more than welcome to give it a try, for entertainment and/or intellectual purposes, and I'll still provide you a score, free of charge.  


The Original LSEE


Word Scrambles: Each item contains two separate words that are scrambled together.  Using all of the letters in each item, find the two scrambled words. Credit may be given, on each item, to those who find valid words outside of my prepared answers. No hints are provided. Any resource, including the internet, is allowable; however, consultation with others is strongly discouraged..


  • yhsaomtpyargrsahia

  • trnsuafiillulbemray

  • thcsmrtzlteeewiu

  • enqdmaiutvsiuute

  • nnnajjafpeoiesee

  • eeevpciitaanlnspsiscoog

  • ssaaaiccchmorhbdphooobiiyehm

  • phelcceparassiolaattrry

  • otsmlfegegsisio

  • tasnklafmoioignerererr


Analogies: Provide the missing term.


  • spool : top :: loops : ?

  • 2.5 : 1.581 :: 4.02 : ?

  • I'll be back : Arnold :: Beeeeee...goood : ?

  • Murrey : Black :: Madder : ?

  • Faithfulness : Infidelity :: Penelope : ?

  • Jinhua : actual :: Brobdignag : ?

  • imploring : obsecration :: throwing someone from a window : ?

  • colour : color :: iwis : ?

  • T. Knight’s T. : T. Miller’s T. :: T. Reeve’s T. : ?

  • W.15 : ma64 :: S.16 : ?


Associations: Solve for "?"


  • New Light, public reproof, Franz, 1975= ?

  • Solomon, Harlem, Glover, Love, Oklahoma= ?

  • Zarathustra, Wagner, 1900= ?

  • reprobates, signs, fag, Kansas= ?

  • stream of consciousness, Strand, Milly, Scylla= ?

  • Burns, typhus, governess, Southern France= ?

  • Tower, Sligo, Rhys, Africanus= ?

  • e, 10, binary, power= ?

  • Kierkegaard, Confessions, Kafka, Quixote= ?

  • quasi-iconoclastic, churlishness, Hyattsville, 30= ?


Creativity: Follow the instructions below.


  • Write two coherent, creative paragraphs using ALL of the following words and terms correctly (figurative language that is logical is encouraged):

  • (corybantic, pantechnicon, metempsychosis, cordilleras, balmacaan, sforzano, euphenics, Gallionic, griffonage, rariora, iiwi, Thyestean, pecksniffian, compleat, ictic, qui vive, Carthaginian peace, Maecenas, immiscible, catafalque, fakir, philopatridomania, hyperborean, wppwrmwste, catholicon, Churchianity, meliorism, formication, aa)


TIP: If you don’t know the meaning, look it up. I am not as interested in your knowing all of the aforementioned words as I am interested in my seeing that you understand how to work with them coherently.

Once you have finished your test, email your answers to me: Scoring will be completed within 24-72 hours of receipt. 

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